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Academy Overview

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Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Chinese Medicine, and Beijing Opera are known as the four great treasures of China.  These art forms share similar theories, and these theories shape the way Chinese and other Asian cultures view the world.

The goal of the Cultural Exchange Courses is to  learn about Chinese and Minority culture.  This is accomplished by learning and using a variety of cultural art forms.   By playing Tai Ji a student can express Yin and Yang in the movements of their body.
  By writing calligraphy a student gets a glimpse of how the chinese language is integral to asian thought.

Courses are offered at the beautiful Blue Papaya Conference Center.  Teachers are Masters in their fields. Students are taught in small groups and interact personally with the teachers.

Each course meets for approximately four hours per day, two hours in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon.  Between classes students eat lunch family style with other students and teachers.  They also have a chance to rest and to review the morning topics.  

One, three, and seven day course are offered as well as three day residential retreats. Courses may be combined, for example tai ji in the morning and calligraphy in the afternoon.  In seven day courses, daily class time is the same as shorter courses, but the intensity of teaching, expectations of the students, and ultimate rewards are greater. 


Guest lectures, advanced courses, and special teachers are also offered from time to time. 

Special courses can be designed for your group, business, or school. 

Teaching can also be combined into a special event with food and entertainment.

If you are a teacher, we can provide a venue, accommodation and support services for your group.