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Shanna was born in Tibet and has lived in Sichuan, Gansu, Shanghai, and Yunnan.  When she was four years old she began studying martial arts with her Father, who also inspired her to become a massage practitioner and an antique collector.

 She spent 10 years traveling throughout China as an ethnographic film production assistant.   

 In 1995 she cofounded the Taoist Martial Arts School in Du Jiang Yan with Liu Sui Bing, who has become an internationally recognized martial artist and Taoist master, has sponsored international conferences, and has appeared in several films.  The Taoist Martial Arts Academy of Du Jiang Yan opened a martial arts system to the world that was previously taught only to inside students.


Shanna moved to Lijiang in 1999 to open the Blue Papaya Italian Restaurant with the support of her sister and brother in law.

She established Lijiang Cultural Exchange Academy in 2002, because she believed that the peaceful natural environment of Lijiang, and the cultural background of the Naxi people was a perfect place for people of different cultures to share their cultural treasures.

Since moving to Lijiang her home has become a gathering place for writers, film makers, artists, photographers, calligraphers, painters, jugglers, diplomats, and business and cultural leaders.

She currently spends time teaching tai ji, massage, and Chinese culture and is involved with local development and cultural issues.