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Tai Ji Training

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What is Tai Ji?

Tai Ji is chinese martial art, a form of meditation, a set of exercises that increase balance and flexibility, a form of artistic expression, and an expression of Chinese philosophy.

Tai Ji players move their bodies in relaxed, precise, fluid, and coordinated movements, while maintaining a peaceful mind. 

Tai Ji uses the body to express Yin and Yang, the interplay of fundamental opposing forces, providing a physical way to experience Chinese culture.

Why Should I Do Tai Ji?

Tai Ji improves balance, flexibility, mental clarity, and pain management.  It is enjoyable, relaxing, engaging, and healthy.  Long-term Tai Ji Players become more effective, higher functioning, and happier.  Regular Tai Ji practice provides a routine of living that helps maintain other healthy practices.


The faculty includes experts in Chen, Yang, and Daoist Tai Ji, Shao Lin Gong Fu, Chinese acrobatics, Xing Yi, and yoga. Basic martial arts exercises to warm and open the body are the foundation of all systems.  Shanna likes to incorporate massage into her classes. The teachers evaluate the goals and abilities of students and teach the style and movements appropriate to the group, with an emphasis on Taoist and Chen forms.  Specific martial arts forms can be taught on request.

Blue Papaya offer the Following courses:

Classes are taught in English and Chinese by Shanna, and/or our resident Master. 

Teaching is tailored to the needs and abilities of each student.